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ANGIO Mentor Ultimate Endovascular SimulatorANGIO Mentor Slim

Simbionix ANGIO Mentor

Endovascular Virtual Reality Simulator

ANGIO Mentor - Endovascular Simulator from Simbionix

4 Systems

All four systems are fully compatible with all ANGIO simulation modules and the ever expanding range of new modules.

All systems incorporates advanced haptic hardware to produce a tactile experience of tissue resistance to provide a true-to-life feel of performing endovascular surgery.

System 1

ANGIO Mentor

ANGIO Suite System

The ANGIO Suite is designed for team training so that physicians, assistants, nurses and technicians can practice integrated clinical scenarios.

The Platform Features:

- iPad for operator control.

- A human patient mannequin

- Surgical sheet mannequin cover

- Height-adjustable patient table

-An extended work-area table

- Storage for tools & devices

- A custom-made C-arm control panel,

Assembled on a rail system, similar to a real cath-suite setting

System 2

ANGIO Mentor

Ultimate Version

The ANGIO Mentor Ultimate provides Dual Leg Access on a built-in platform with table.

System 3

ANGIO Mentor

Dual Slim Version

The ANGIO Mentor Dual Slim provides Dual Leg Access is a desktop version offering flexible setup options for team training in a mock theatre setting.

System 4

ANGIO Mentor

Slim Version

The ANGIO Mentor Slim provides Single Leg Access is a desktop version offering a portable and flexible setup options for team training in a mock theatre setting.

The ANGIO Mentor Slim can be upgraded to Dual Slim.


Basic Skills - NEW!

Renal Intervention



Below The Knee



Carotid Stenting


Cerebral Intervention


Stroke Intervention


Coronary Intervention

Aortic Valve Replacement

ASD/PFO Closure


Cardiac Rhythm Management

EP_Basic Skills

Transseptal Puncture















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Endovascular Virtual Reality Simulator,

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The Simbionix ANGIO Mentor Virtual Reality Simulator offers four system configurations.

The ANGIO Mentor Angio Suite simulator platform is a comprehensive system that allows trainees to experience endovascular and cardiovascular training in a clinical, true-to-life environment.

The ANGIO Suite was designed for team training so that physicians, assistants, nurses and technicians can practice integrated clinical scenarios.

The ANGIO Mentor Angio Suite, the ANGIO Mentor Ultimate system and the ANGIO Mentor Dual Slim systems all allow simulation of endovascular procedures which require using two access sites in the same intervention, in which access from both right and left femoral arteries/veins is required (EVAR, TEVAR, Transseptal Puncture under ultrasound and more). Each access represents one leg, allowing the trainee the possibility to use an actual physical tool inserted from the femoral artery/vein in one "leg" while another physical tool is inserted in the contra lateral femoral access.

The ANGIO Mentor Angio Suite, the Ultimate and the ANGIO Mentor Dual Slim support both single and dual access procedures and features a dual tri-coaxial wire tracking haptics which produce a tactile experience of tissue resistance to provide a true-to-life feel of performing endovascular surgery.

The ANGIO Mentor Slim is a Laptop based desktop version which allows single leg access procedures to be performed. One insertion port with a 3 coaxial wire tracking and forced feedback hardware allows the independent  insertion and tracking of three coaxial instruments (wire and two surrounding catheters).

The ANGIO Mentor Slim can be upgraded to ANGIO Mentor Dual Slim at any time by adding a second ‘leg’.



The ANGIO Mentor’s Endovascular Basic Skills Simulation Module allows the trainee to learn and practice fundamental skills in a self-directed, interactive and challenging simulator setting, in both non-anatomical model and anatomical vascular model environment.


The module includes 8 virtual patient cases, and comprises a library of virtual cases with different renal arteries orientations, tortuousity, and abnormalities of the abdominal aorta.

Learners experience treating renal stenting of ostial and non ostial lesions and patients with Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD).

The module enables practice on retrograde brachial or femoral arterial access approach, influenced by the pathology and the anatomy.


2 modules each feature 6 virtual patient cases. Patients vary in lesion length and type, aortic bifurcation anatomy, presence of atherosclerotic disease, and tortuosity.

Learners can practice therapeutic angioplasty or stenting of the SFA or iliac vessels, using a crossover (retrograde) or an ipsilateral (antegrade) approach. Training includes all steps of the procedure as well as realistic simulation of trans-stenotic pressure gradient.


Chronic total occlusions (CTO) in vessels below the knee. Simulates the challenges involved with crossing the occlusion, and provides several common endovascular revascularization methods, including antegrade/crossover and retrograde techniques.


The module provides 6 virtual patients and scenarios requiring embolization, such as renal aneurysm, arterio-venous fistula, arterio-venous malformation, GI bleeding, uterine artery fibroids, trauma and pre/post-AAA stent grafting endoleak.

The module is an excellent training platform for learning different methods of common embolization materials such as microcoils, macrocoils and PVA particles, delivered through an angiographic catheter or a microcatheter to the target vessel.


PROcedure Rehearsal Studio Ready!

This module includes 12 virtual patient cases, providing practice on all aspects of the carotid stenting procedure, including distal or proximal protection system placement, angioplasty and stenting. Learners may experience complications such as spasm and baroreceptor response. Patient anatomy varying in arch types, locations of strictures and varying degrees of stenosis.


The module includes 9 virtual patient cases. This module enables practice of cerebral diagnostic and interventional procedures, including aneurysm embolization using detachable coils and stenting of lesions.

The trainee gains experience in identifying the best working angles using a bi-plane fluoroscopy system and a 3D model. Various interventional devices including detachable coils, micro catheters, aneurysm neck stents, and balloons, enable realistic procedure training. Complications such as aneurysm perforation and stent thrombosis may occur.


The Stroke module allows physicians to practice various techniques for the treatment of intracranial ischemic stroke, such as mechanical clot retrieval or clot dissolving drugs. Various types of aortic arches and different clot locations comprise an interesting training library.


This module includes 10 virtual patient cases. The module provides significant experience in cardiac catheterization procedures (PTCA and stenting), including treatment of myocardiac infarction and complications such as dissections and perforations. Virtual patients vary in vasculature physiology and pathophysiology of the coronary circulation.


The module includes 5 virtual patient cases. This innovative module provides comprehensive training of percutaneous placement of Transcathether Aortic Valve Implementation (TAVI) using a femoral or subclavian approach. The module consists of a variety of cases, providing patients with anatomical variations such as: different heart orientations, different annulus sizes, different calcification levels of the valve and different degrees of left ventricular hypertrophy.

Possible complications include LV perforation and endoprothesis dislodgement.

ASD/PFO CLOSURE MODULE: Ultrasound Enabled and Dual Access!

Designed to provide experience in treatment of congenital structural heart diseases, focused on closure of cardiac ASD/PFO defects.

The module consists of 6 cases, each presented with various anatomies, and varying complication risks such as septum damage.

The module is ultrasound enabled, using ICE and TEE.

LAA CLOSURE MODULE: Ultrasound Enabled!

The module enables training on Left Atrial Appendage closure intervention. Learners gain experience with the different steps of the procedure, including standard transseptal puncture technique, sheath placement and closure device deployment.

Complications include aortic puncture, pericardial effusion and air embolism.

The module is ultrasound enabled, using TEE.


The module includes 8 virtual patient cases. This unique module provides significant experience in 3 electrode leads placement- LV, RV and RA, and features simulation of electrical measurement including sensing and pacing measurements. The CRDM module was designed to develop competence in electrophysiology intervention and cope with procedural arrhythmia complications, such as AV block, VF and VT.

The module features a variety of realistic anatomies based on real patient data including variations in the CS ostium (e.g. the as Thebesian valve) and coronary sinus vasculature variations.


A unique module consisting of 6 tasks, designed to provide training in the essential skills necessary to perform safe electrophysiology procedures.   Intended for practice and improvement of core skills in a virtual, non anatomical environment as well as a medical (fluoroscopic) environment.

Skills include correct EP catheter navigation and manipulation.

TRANSSEPTAL PUNCTURE MODULE: Ultrasound Enabled and Dual Access!

This unique module starts with the manoeuvring of the EP catheter into the coronary sinus and the Josephson catheter in the HIS area, and continues with a realistic and true to life training of performing one or two transseptal punctures. Learners gain hands on experience with practical aspects of this important technique including life threatening complications such as pericardial effusion or aortic puncture.


The module consists 6 cases, each presented with various anatomies, different stiffness of the fosa ovalis, and varying complication risks.

The module will be ultrasound enabled, using ICE and TEE.

EVAR MODULE (AAA): Dual Access!

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio Ready!

The module consists of 6 different cases, designed to enable comprehensive hands on training on Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair using graft systems and touch-up ballooning.  

The library of patients feature anatomical variations such as: abdominal aneurysm enlargements, different sizes of aortic neck, neck angulations, different positions of renal arteries and ruptured abdominal aorta.

Complications include stent graft migration and type I and III endoleaks.

TEVAR MODULE (TAA): Dual Access!

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio Ready!

The module is designed to enable training of all aspects of Thoracic Endovascular Aneurysm Repair using a stent graft system and a stent graft balloon.   

The module consists of 6 virtual patient challenging cases, with different sizes and locations of aneurysms and transections, aneurism shapes (saccular or fusiform shapes) and the patient's hemodynamic.

The module offers training on critical intra-procedural complications such as stent graft migration, endoleaks and subclavien artery blockage.


Rapidly loads your patient's CT data from a CD or local PACS server onto the Simbionix ANGIO Mentor systems. The real-time 3D imaging system leverages the power of the world's leading virtual reality endovascular simulators to create a simulated interventional environment that provides all the tactile feedback of a real procedure, with your patient's specific anatomy.  

The PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™ lets you rehearse on your virtual patient as often as you like. Cases with strong teaching value can be saved on the ANGIO Mentor™ system for future training and discussion.

Using the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™, you will be able to expand your virtual patient library and create a training plan that fits your needs.

Currently available for Carotid, EVAR and TEVAR cases.

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