Medical Training Simulators and Obstetric Fetal Monitoring Equipment

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OKB Medical Limited

OKB Medical Limited

Unique and Innovative Healthcare Products

Obstetrics, Fetal Monitoring and Archiving of CTGCTG and Clinical Training CoursesSimulators


Clinical Training

Medical Training Simulators

OKB Medical Limited

Unique and Innovative Healthcare Products

OKB Medical Limited specialize in unique and innovative medical equipment for use in obstetrics and in the training of surgical skills.

This includes the most advanced equipment within fetal monitoring and the most sophisticated and technologically advanced virtual reality medical training simulators, incorporating the widest range of simulated surgical procedures available.

OKB Medical Limited also offer regular training courses and training programmes in co-operation with hospital trusts and clinical skills centres covering many surgical disciplines.

To find out more, please select the category you are interested in, should it be:

- Obstetrics for obstetric products such as; CTGs, ST-Analysis, fetal Surveillance and CTG Archiving or

- Clinical Training for CTG Training Courses, Masterclasses, Online individual training and training using any of our virtual reality simulators or

- Medical Training Simulators for a range of Virtual Reality Simulators covering a range of surgical procedures